Welcome to the Training page for Leeds Canoe Club. This page provides information on the courses available to Leeds Canoe Club members. If you are interested in taking part in a course, or just interested to see what it’s about, click the course name for more info.

Details of up- coming courses will be published on the calendar (see below) and sent out via the mailing list. If you are not already signed up to the mailing list, you can sign up here
If we are not currently planning on running a course that you would like to do, then please speak to one of the coaches at the Pool or River session or contact a member of the committee


Popular Course Info

Below is a list of some of the most popular courses that are available to Leeds Canoe Club members. If you are interested in taking part in a course, or just interested to see what its about, click the course name for more info.

Training Course Costs

Leeds Canoe Club cannot provide all courses without cost to the participant. The club is a voluntary organization and all coaches are self funded. At Levels 1 and 2 the club endeavours to offer support and assistance to the coaches to help them up the coaching ladder, in return for this the coaches offer free one and two star training and assessment. Beyond this, coaches are self motivated and self funded and have the right to charge for the courses they provide.

Charging coaches are to be treated as external coaches for the duration of the training and assessment. This means that they must be disassociated from the club name and facilities (These are not Leeds Canoe Club courses). External Coaches must supply their own equipment, location, insurances and organize all their own paper work (Leeds Canoe club does not accept any liability for club members whilst trading as paid coaches, nor for members participating in external courses)

You should always check that the coach in charge of the course is a current and comprehensive member of the BCU or has alternative Public liability insurances in place.

As a club we benefit from the numbers of likeminded people and the contacts we have built up, which means that we should be able to group members together to achieve discounts from known registered external coaches.

Club Training Grants

Without coaches and river leaders the club would not be where it is today. We recognise this and are able to offer a limited number of small grants each year to encourage members to start on the coaching/river leadership ladder, and to promote coaching/leadership abilities within the club.
Grants of £50 will be awarded (at committee discretion), which can be used towards:

BCU Level 1 Coach training or assessment
BCU Level 2 Coach training or assessment
BCU 4 Star White Water Leader training or assessment
BCU White Water Safety and Rescue
Aquatic First Aid


  1. Have to have been a paid-up club member for at least 12 months before applying.
  2. Once they have been awarded a grant, members cannot apply for another for at least 12 months.

The committee will sit twice a year to consider applications – January and July.  We have only a limited amount of money in the pot, so the committee will have final say on which applicants will receive the awards. If your application is unsuccessful you may submit it again for the next 6 monthly award round.
Successful applicants will receive a voucher valid for 6 months, which they can use towards the above.
It is up to the recipient to find and book themselves onto a suitable course with a recognized BCU provider. On provision of proof that they have done the training/assessment successfully, the recipients will be reimbursed £50.
If the voucher has not been redeemed within 6 months it expires, and the monies will be assigned to another applicant.
In the event that a booked course is postponed by the provider, beyond the 6 month period, it will be at committee discretion whether the voucher period will be extended.
If you wish to be considered for a grant please submit in writing (email acceptable) to Steve Henderson stating the course you intend to take, and your aspirations for helping coaching/leadership within the club.

Other Courses

If there are any other courses not mentioned above that you wish to do, then let our Training Officer know by


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